Each image is a perfect moment. A single unique expression of emotion and love.


Wedding Photograpy

“It is an illusion that photos are made with the camera… they are made with the eye, heart and head.” Henri Cartier-Bresson

Fotografia Casamentos Maria João + Diogo
Maria João + Diogo
Fotografia Casamentos Priscilla + Fabio
Priscilla + Fabio
Fotografia Casamentos Ana + Marcelo
Ana + Marcelo
Fotografia Casamentos Ana Sofia + José Miguel
Ana Sofia + José Miguel
Fotografia Casamentos Carla + Carlos
Carla + Carlos
Fotografia Casamentos Elia + Rui
Elia + Rui
Fotografia Casamentos Ana + Tiago
Ana + Tiago
Fotografia Casamentos Simone + Ricardo
Simone + Ricardo
Fotografia Casamentos Caty + Guto
Caty + Guto
Fotografia Casamentos
Fotografia Casamentos Daniel + Mário
Daniel + Mário
Fotografia Casamentos Sandra + Fernando
Sandra + Fernando
Fotografia Casamentos
Fotografia Casamentos Ana + João
Ana + João
Fotografia Casamentos
Fotografia Casamentos Catarina + Gabriel
Catarina + Gabriel
Fotografia Casamentos Daniela + Jorge
Daniela + Jorge
Fotografia Casamentos Mariana + Filipe
Mariana + Filipe
Fotografia Casamentos Joana + Marco
Joana + Marco
Fotografia Casamentos Rita + Ary
Rita + Ary
Fotografia Casamentos Raquel + Carlos
Raquel + Carlos
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Wedding Videos

“Cinema, the mirror of life…” Manoel de Oliveira

Video Casamentos Marta + Rui
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Videos Casamentos Dulce + Wilson
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Dulce + Wilson
Videos Casamentos Nastassia + Miguel
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Nastassia + Miguel
Videos Casamentos Isabel + Mário
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Isabel + Mário
Videos Casamentos Mariana + Filipe
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Mariana + Filipe
Videos Casamentos Supra ( Catarina + Bruno )
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Supra ( Catarina + Bruno )
Videos Casamentos Liliana + Simão - Sessão de solteiros, Suiça
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Liliana + Simão - Sessão de solteiros, Suiça
Videos Casamentos Wait - Art and fashion
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Wait - Art and fashion
Videos Casamentos Tania + Fábio
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Tania + Fábio
Videos Casamentos Marie et les petits - Advertising
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Marie et les petits - Advertising
Videos Casamentos Elia + Rui
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Elia + Rui
Videos Casamentos Joana + Marco
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Joana + Marco
Videos Casamentos Mariana + Filipe
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Mariana + Filipe
Videos Casamentos Catarina + Gil
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Catarina + Gil
Videos Casamentos Ana + Gonçalo
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Ana + Gonçalo
Videos Casamentos Marcia + Henrique
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Marcia + Henrique
Videos Casamentos Vanessa + Edson
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Vanessa + Edson
Videos Casamentos Rita + Rui
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Rita + Rui
Videos Casamentos Eva + Adriano
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Eva + Adriano
Videos Casamentos Catia + Luís
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Catia + Luís
Videos Casamentos Catarina + Gabriel
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Catarina + Gabriel
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With art and love, we reveal our vision whith images.

José de Oliveira Fotografia

José D´Oliveira

The love of wedding photography, reportage photography, studio photography, fashion photography and advertising photography are his greatest passion.

José D'Oliveira, already had several photography prizes from his college days to the present, as well as several awards and recommendations from many couples who have already contracted their services as a wedding photographer.

Graduated in Arts and Multimedia, he began his career as a photography assistant later as a wedding photographer. Created its own company in 2011, it currently extends its international services. He is an International Wedding Photographer. When he has time he photographs in film and makes his own photographic revelations in the dark camera, he is fan of analog photography.

The final work is poetic, romantic and artistic, his vision is influenced by his academic life and his coexistence with international artists.

The images are unique and creative, providing their clients a distinct and personalized service.

Each Image is a prefect moment, a unique expression of emotion and love.

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Awards / Distinctions

 1º Prémio fotografia 2010  1º Prémio fotografia 2011 1º Prémio 8º concurso de vídeo 2012 Wedding Awards 2014 Wedding Awards 2015 Wedding Awards 2016 Wedding Awards 2017 Ziwa Awards 2017
José D'Oliveira - Fotografia, vencedor Wedding Awards 2018 casamentos.pt
José D'Oliveira - Fotografia, vencedor Wedding Awards 2019 Casamentos.pt

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